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Sprinkler Funny Pipe Repair

Sprinkler heads are almost always connected to funny pipe. This funny pipe is the bridge between the sprinkler head and the lateral line. Funny pipe a black, flexible tubing that can easily be punctured by a shovel or a stake or something sharp being driven into the ground, and can often be the cause of lost pressure in a sprinkler system. Because funny pipe (or swing pipe) is run in one or two foot runs, it's impractical to try to repair it when considering sprinkler repair in Beaumont.

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Luckily, because funny pipe is only used in short runs, it's almost always easier to replace it. Repairing would require patches, couplers, and more time. When a section of funny pipe is replaced, all that needs to be done is unscrew the funny pipe fittings from the lateral line and at the sprinkler head, and take your new section of funny pipe and screw it into the same places. The short length makes this easy to do, and relatively quick. You can even re-use the same fittings from the old pipe if you can get them out, a common practice in sprinkler repair in Beaumont.

If you have a leaky funny pipe, or are worried about other problems in your sprinkler pipe, Sprinkler Master is here to help! We're the experts in sprinkler repair in Beaumont, and we've been at it for over 15+ years! No matter the problem, we can get it fixed quickly, and efficiently. Contact Sprinkler Master in Beaumont, CA today!

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