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Sprinkler Repair in Calimesa, CA

Smart Sprinkler Timer Installation

Sprinkler timers can become increasingly problematic as they age. Power outages, internal bugs, computer corruption, and more can slowly break down the reliability of a timer. After years of working close to flawlessly, suddenly it can start to fail. Zones fail to turn on or off. The internal clock of the timer can get off track. Bugs in the system can slowly disintegrate your entire sprinkler system's reliability.

A new smart timer can help relieve and refresh your sprinkler system. If consistent problems with multiple zones, or continual need to reprogram the timer is your life, prepare to improve your quality of life. Smart timers have wifi connectivity, so rather than being alone, they have the assistance of wifi to keep them in check. This helps them to not only keep time and dates automatically updated, but also check the weather. You never have to worry about doing a rain delay on your sprinkler timer again. For those in need of sprinkler repair in Calimesa, this upgrade can be a game-changer.

Upgrade your system today. Sprinkler Master in Calimesa will install, program, and square away your new smart sprinkler timer. We will install a moisture sensor, so your sprinkler knows exactly how much water your yard needs, get the times set to optimize water usage, and get any necessary repairs done.

Get the Masters in Sprinkler Repair to Upgrade Your Sprinklers!

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Call or text: (951) 252-4822