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Full-Service Sprinkler Work

Sprinkler work ranges pretty wide. From digging trenches for sprinklers, to fine adjustments to a sprinkler nozzle, to even electronic diagnosing of sprinkler timers! Despite all the variety in skills required, Sprinkler Master Repair Temecula CA can do it all! We've been in business for over a decade, specializing in sprinkler repair in Lake Elsinore, CA. We have the experience to handle any problem you have with your sprinkler system.

Whatever It Is, We Can Fix it

No matter what you're struggling with in your sprinkler system, we have got you covered. Dry spots? No problem. Leaky pipe? We'll get it patched for you. Troublesome timer? We'll either reprogram it, or set you up with a brand new smart timer, giving you the best sprinkler repair in Lake Elsinore. We want you to completely trust your sprinkler system to take care of your lawn and house, and we want you to trust us to transform your sprinkler system into the system it needs to be. Sprinkler repair in Lake Elsinore, doesn't have to be stressful! Call us today!

Sprinkler Installs

If you're looking to upgrade or initially install a sprinkler system, our team is highly proficient in sprinkler installs. Installing a new sprinkler system requires precise planning and execution, giving every corner of your lawn the right amount of water. From selecting the right sprinkler heads to mapping out the most efficient layout, our expertise in sprinkler installs guarantees your lawn will flourish. Our commitment to excellence makes us the best company for sprinkler installs in Lake Elsinore, making sure your new system is both effective and efficient.

If you're ready to turn your grass as green as it can be, and transform your lawn into the lawn of your dreams, contact Sprinkler Master in Lake Elsinore, CA at (951) 252-4822!